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(a letter to Summer)

I thought I was ready for you.

my body was dulled and my mouth was dry.

you made it wet again.

and i felt like it was all going to be okay it was all going to fine when you

held my face and

breathed air into my lungs

my chest would rise and my stomach would tighten when I felt your salt licks

I would leave the sand trapped on me for days for weeks

I wanted people to know that you were with me I was with you

and then there was the time the sun was setting on that beach in Maine when I walked toward the water away from everyone else 

I could tell you were trying to swallow me whole

I was scared but I wanted it

but you never did

you became quiet

and things started to expire

your waves became colder


the hangover is setting in my head

dryness is taking over my mouth

I could see you leaving now

you’ll be back next year but i will be *******



…I Could See You Leaving Now

Summer 2014

Olivia at Coney Island

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